Springtime Moot

in the Hundred of Lewes E.Sussex

Society of LeyHunters

Saturday 18th May 2024 ~11:15-~5:45

The Education room at the Barbican,

169 High Street, Lewes.BN7 1YE.

Stuart Mason – The Long Man of Wilmington - A Rudimentary Solar Calendar? You decide..

Lucya Starza – Psychogeography -S ensing the energy of our towns.

Adrian Hyde – “Living in the past” – The 1978 TV Iron Age reconstruction project.

Roy Vickery – Bramble arches and Split Ashes – The folklore of plants,

Many botanical remedies have been used for practical purposes and have a magical purpose.

Apologies for late announcement!!

With thanks to our donors we are able to offer a fee of £5 for this meeting if booked in advance.

Entrance on door £15. Please send payment to:

The Secretary. 7 Mildmay Road, Romford, RM7 7DA.

Or PayPal to:


The Barbican Gatehouse is part of Historic Lewes Castle and Museum.

The Entrance is 2 yards uphill from the Barbican.

Good cheap parking is nearby and only 10 minutes walk from the railway station.